The School of Calligraphy

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Aiming at cultivating professional talents with production, practice, and academic research capabilities, the School sticks to “study tradition based on modern times”, pursues “independent thinking and industrious practice”, emphasizes the combination of imitation and self-writing, and highlights the integration of theory and practice, foundation and personality, comprehensiveness and speciality. The calligraphy education with college features has taken shape.

The School has adopted many methods to strengthen faculty construction, such as talents cultivation and introduction, and employed a team of teaching staff with strong academic research capability and high production level. Currently, there are 260 full-time or part-time teachers, among whom there are well-known professors in calligraphy, such as Zhou Junjie, He Yinghui, Liu Zhengcheng, Hu Kangmei, Wo Xinghua, Lv Jinguang, Zeng Xiang, Zhang Yuxiang, Wang Yongjiang, Fan Shuo.

At present, there are 2,248 students in the School of Calligraphy. In recent years, 162 students’ works have won awards in or been selected by national level exhibitions hosted by Chinese Calligraphers Association, and 1,131 students’ works in or by provincial exhibitions. More than 20 students have been admitted by graduate schools.

Calligraphy (Bachelor)

It is designated to generate talents with comprehensive and systemic calligraphy theories and relevant knowledge about literary and characters, who are able to produce works with five types of calligraphy, and undertake calligraphy theory research and teaching.

The graduates are able to undertake calligraphy teaching and research in vocational, secondary and elementary schools, Chinese language and literature teaching and research, as well as calligraphy production, editing, and comment in cultural departments and news media.

Fine Arts (Calligraphy) (Associate Degree)

It is designed to cultivate talents of fine arts with all-round development of morality, wisdom, physique and aesthetics, who are able to learn systemic knowledge of Chinese calligraphy, master basic techniques of calligraphy proficiently, and undertake calligraphy production and theory research.

With many options and wide channels, the graduates are able to work in cultural units and education departments, undertaking Chinese language and literary education and research, calligraphy production, editing and comment in news media etc.




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