Zhen Zhongyi, under the pseudonym “Tangwa”, who styled himself as “Wolongjushi”, is a researcher in Hebei Research Institute of Culture and History, a member of Hebei Committee of CPPCC, a member of the Standing Committee of Hebei Democratic League, the Deputy to People’s Congress of Shijiazhuang, a member of the Standing Committee of Xinle People’s Congress, a national first-class artist, a member of China Artists Association, the father of China "Misty" Painting School, as well as the Chairman and Dean of Hebei Academy of Fine Arts. Many works have been published, such as The Anthology of Mountain Taihang Scenery(Hong Kong), The Anthology of Zhen Zhongyi’s Paintings(Tai Wan), The Collection of Zhen Zhongyi’s Fine Paintings, and The Collection of Zhen Zhongyi’s Paintings, which have won many major awards in the country and beyond. In addition, he has launched personal painting exhibitions in America, France, Japan, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. In 2014 and 2015, he was invited to give a lecture in Cafoscari University of Venice in Italy and the University of Cambridge in UK respectively. In October of 2015, he was conferred the “China Calligraphy Education Award” by the Fu Shuqun’s Foundation. In September of 2016, he was invited to visit Canada. In November of 2016, he was also invited to visit Nepal, graciously received by the Vice President, Nanda Bahadur Pun, and reached cooperation intention in many aspects with Nepal Craft Association. In October of 2017, he was asked to participate the activity, named “Spirited Garden Celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the Establishment of Sino-Korea Diplomatic Relations and the 25th Anniversary of the Opening of the Garden”, and exclusively interviewed by Educational Broadcasting System of South Korea.




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