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With seven majors covering undergraduates and junior college students, the School aims to cultivate applied and professional talents in the areas of animation, games production, film, TV, cartoon, illustration, VR making etc. The School has invited professor Wu Yunchu as the honorary president, professors Shang Jie and Liu Xiao as academic leaders, and artists, such as Wang Genfa, Gong Jianying and Ling Shu, as visiting professors. Meanwhile, the School has generated distinctive work studio teaching mode with the emphasis on practice. Based on professional teaching, it has established over 20 practice studios for animation and games, such as “The Practice Base of Animation School”, Suotuo Games”, “Phantom and Magic Cube”, “Yanjin Film and TV”, “Another World”, “Manmeng Animation”. “The Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center for Animation Animation Creation” was rated as one of experimental teaching demonstration centers of higher education institutions in Hebei Province. In addition, the School has won many awards in big competitions, such as “Chinese Academy Award”, “Beijing Film Academy Award”, “Games Design Competition of Chinese College Students-Jinchen Prize”.

Animation (Bachelor)

It aims to generate high-level, applied and professional talents with solid animation arts theory and wider scientific and cultural knowledge, who are able to master animation production process with excellent animation design capability, and undertake animation creative design and production in the directions of animation, film and TV directing, acting, production, and post-editing etc.

The students are able to work in companies and institutions, such as TV stations, news publishing houses, animation firms, schools, film, TV, and commercial corporations.

Digital Media Arts (Game Arts Design) (Bachelor)

It aims to generate game arts design talents with many skills acquired, who are able to undertake games research, development, design, special effects production etc.

The graduates are able to work in companies and institutions, such as online, mobile, web, next generation games units.

Comics (Bachelor)

Oriented to the directions of animation and comics industries, it aims to cultivate technical, practical and professional talents with good professional quality, solid art production foundation, excellent narrative ability with pictures, and good command of software, who are able to undertake creative design and production of animation and comics.

The graduates are able to work in companies and institutions, such as news publishing houses, animation and comics firms, schools, film, TV and commercial companies.

Digital Media Technology (Virtual Reality) (Bachelor)

It aims to cultivate high-quality and professional talents in VR with humanistic quality, artistic accomplishment, aesthetic ability, wider vision and good communication skills, who are able to adapt to the digital times and information society, master basic knowledge, theory and methods of VR, AR and MR design, undertake relevant jobs in media and culture industries.

The graduates are able to work in the sectors, such as VR technology, VR games, VR films, network multimedia, game engine research and development, as well as game programs.

Film and TV Animation (Associate Degree)

It aims to cultivate technical and applied talents, who are able to master animation production process and animation design skills, undertake animation production, design, and post-editing in relevant companies.

Animation Design (Associate Degree)

It aims to generate technical and practical talents with good professional quality, team spirit, and innovation awareness, who are able to learn the principle of animation culture, meet the demand of innovative animation production, have the ability to design animation creatively and be qualified to do the jobs in animation, comics, broadcasting, and TV and films production.

Game Design (Associate Degree)

It aims to produce applied and professional talents, who are able to undertake art production in games, such as game design, three-dimensional model and action design, and popular games production in big three-dimensional game and network clients.




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