The School of Industrial Design

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The School provides several majors, such as product design, product arts design, home design, toy design and jewelry production and design. Currently, 68 full-time or part-time teachers work here, among whom teachers with senior positions account for 42.6 percent, including 11 professors and 18 associate professors. Meanwhile, the School has invited Liu Guanzhong, the Vice Chairman of China Industrial Design Association and doctoral supervisor in the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua Universtiy, and Zhu Zhongyan, Ph.D. supervisor in Tongji University, to instruct students.

In the process of professional teaching, the School has explored school-enterprise pattern, known as "the second classroom", to cultivate talents. The pattern combines what students have learned in the first classroom, and gives them more opportunities to participate in the implementation of real projects, making them be qualified to work in companies the moment after graduation and meet the needs of society. Under this pattern, many distinctive talents have been cultivated with the consistent employment rate of 98% above.

In recent years, the students and teachers of the School have made remarkable achievements. The works of students have won many awards in China and beyond, and been adopted by companies to put into production and market.

Product Design (Bachelor)

It aims to cultivate high-quality and research talents, who are versatile and practical, with innovation awareness, aesthetic capability and design skills. In the later period, students have the opportunity to select the directions they like, such as furniture design and toy design. Focusing on professional skills and quality, the students are able to undertake product design, design management, research, teaching, and marketing in institutions, companies, professional institutes, teaching and research units etc.

Product Arts Design (Associate Degree)

It falls into four directions, which are product design, toy design, furniture design, and jewelry design.

The major intends to generate innovative and practical talents with basic knowledge and design skills of creative design, who are able to meet the demands of the industry. Facing the sectors like product design, furniture design, toy design, jewelry design, product development, design directing and management, it aims to make students skilled talents with strong adaptive, innovative and practical abilities. After graduation, students are able to undertake relevant design or management jobs in companies doing product design, industrial design, furniture design, furniture production, toy design, toy production, jewelry design etc, or other occupations like promotion, production and publishing of products.





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