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The School of Fashion is a member of the three big associations in China fashion industry, which are China Textile and Apparel Education Society, China Designers Association, and China National Garment Association, and a council member of Hebei Textile and Apparel Association. Based on the principle, i.e. “combing art and engineering, advancing with knowledge and practice”, the School cultivates professional talents in fashion industry, who have been acknowledged widely by society, and has signed cooperative agreements with many companies. There are five majors for undergraduates and junior college students, such as Apparel and Accessories Design, Fashion Design and Engineering, and Fashion Show.

Apparel and Accessories Design (Bachelor)

The major aims to generate professional talents who are able to undertake apparel design and products development, fabric and accessories design and purchase, fashion products development, garment pattern design, clothing process sheet preparation, sample making, and clothing marketing exhibition etc.

The graduates are able to be a self-owned brand garment designer, a design director in brand clothing design companies, a market director in clothing trade firms, a teacher in higher vocational institutes, or start his or her own business.

Fashion Design and Engineering (Bachelor)

The major intends to produce talents with solid theoretical foundation in clothing structure design, professional knowledge in modern garment pattern making, competent capability in fashion design and pattern making, who are able to adapt to the development of fashion industry in China, undertake fashion pattern design, market scheming, quality inspection, business following-up, trade, teaching and training, or be self-employed.

The graduate are able to select relevant jobs in fashion industry, such as a pattern-maker for designer fashion brand or in international brand fashion companies, and a boss managing his or her own brand.

Fashion Show (Fashion Model Show) (Bachelor)

The major is devoted to cultivate high-quality compound talents with aesthetic value, basic knowledge of fashion media and professional skills, who are able to undertake fashion model, fashion directing, activities planning, model agent management, fashion show cultivation, fashion modeling design, fashion brand promotion, and public relations of fashion media.

The graduates are able to be a fashion magazine editor or work in fashion media companies, model firms, higher vocational institutes, and film & television media corporations etc.

Apparel and Accessories Design (Associate Degree)

The major is designated to cultivate practical and high-level talents, who can design and study fashion products independently, analyze the fashion trend, assist fashion design and exhibition after graduation.

Fashion Show (Associate Degree)

The major aims to produce applied fashion talents with excellent artistic temperament and image, who will master the skills of fashion show, learn the trend of fashion market, have the professional knowledge of fashion image design and clothes collocation design. After graduation, they are able to plan and direct fashion show, and manage fashion agents.




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