The School of City Design

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Taking the well-known “Harry Potter Magic School” in HBAFA as the teaching building and apartment, the School of City Design adheres to the school-running idea of openness, innovation and practice, the teaching philosophy, i.e. “put learning first and practice at root”, and the purpose of  “city, art, environment, and reason”.

There are many majors for undergraduates and junior college students. Currently, the studio teaching mode has taken shape with practice and training as the focus. Taking the environment design (the directions of landscape design and exterior design) as the core, the School also develop relevant majors, such as construction design, landscape architecture, public arts design, construction decoration design. With employment as the orientation and students as the subject, the School develop students’ applied skills and comprehensive quality with the combination of project teaching, on-site guidance, real project visit, the mode of situational teaching, and the simulation of company environment. The systemic, complete and unique discipline system has been formed.

Environment Design (Landscape Design) (Bachelor)

It is a construction major for cultivating future masters, which will be checked in 2019, a key discipline in Hebei Province, part of “comprehensive and pilot reform of majors”, one of the practice and training bases, and “the Landscape Design Practice Base of Beijing Lvjinghua Company in HBAFA.”

It is devoted to generate high-quality applied talents, who are able to design, construct, and administrate regional environment landscape, such as villas, parks, squares, commercial pedestrian streets, dwelling districts, scenic areas, beautiful villages.

The students are able to work in companies, institutions, and colleges, such as tourism planning institutions and corporations, landscape environment design and construction companies, decoration firms, real estate development companies, construction design and research institutes, city plan and design institutes, garden bureaus, tourism departments and construction bureaus.

Landscape Architecture (Bachelor)

It aims to cultivate highly-qualified and practical talents, who are able to design, construct, manage and maintain space environments, such as scenic areas, courtyard environments, commercial entertainment space, parks, traffic environments, and big amusement parks.

The graduates are able to work in garden bureaus, plan and design institutes, environment design companies, tourism departments, construction bureaus, and higher education and research units.

Public Arts ( Public Arts Design) (Bachelor)

It is devoted to produce highly-qualified and applied talents with basic knowledge and skills of art works creation and city environment design in public environments, who are able to design, construct and administrate public landscape, infrastructures, and art works etc.

The graduates are able to work in companies, institutes, research and education units, such as municipal plan bureaus at different levels, garden bureaus, tourism departments, construction and plan institutes, sculpture design companies, landscape design firms and project corporations.

Public Arts (Construction Design) (Bachelor)

It intends to generate practical talents with the knowledge and skills of construction and landscape design, who are able to undertake designing, building, consulting and managing in construction industry.

The graduates are able to work in companies and institutes, such as construction design institutes, construction and engineering corporations, real estate firms, and landscape design companies.

Environment Arts Design (Exterior Design) (Associate Degree)

It aims to cultivate highly-skilled and professional talents with good theoretical knowledge, practical capability, and stronger computer-aided design ability, who are able to meet the needs of market.

The graduates are able to work in institutions and companies, such as landscape design and construction corporations, tourism design institutes and firms, real estate development companies, construction design institutes and research academies, city planning and design institutes, decoration firms, garden bureaus, tourism departments, and construction bureaus.

Public Arts Design (Associate Degree)

The major is designated to generate higly-skilled, compound, innovative and professional talents, who are able to integrate theory into practice, undertake art creation and visual design in interior and exterior spaces, and master computer-aided techniques.

The graduates are able to work in institutions and companies, such as environmental landscape design companies, culture design firms, construction and planning design corporations, public art design firms, real estate development companies, sculpture corporations, municipal planning bureaus at different levels etc.




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