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In accordance with the spirit of the document entitled Notice on the Comprehensive and Pilot Reform of Majors in Hebei Province issued by the Education Department of Hebei Province, the School of Environmental Arts has become one of pilot units. The School, a distinguished group at the provincial level, has won many awards in national level exhibitions and competitions, such as the golden medal of “Nest Award”, and the silver of “Master Award”.

A group of double-qualified teachers, the seasoned, middle-aged, and young, works here, some of whom are full-time and some part-time. In addition, the School has established cooperative relationship with many art colleges and universities, such as Central Academy of Fine Arts, the Academy of Arts and Design of Tsinghua University, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, as well as over 100 well-known companies in design, such as Yuanzhou Decoration, Turen Scape. Meanwhile, the School provides students with the opportunity to work in companies regularly, and instructs students in work studios with 46 practice studios established so as to satisfy students’ demand to exercise. In the October of 2016, the Environment Design Institute was founded, the students and teachers of which won the design bids for many programs, such as the International Hotel in Hasaer, Inner Mongolia, the City Hall of Hengshui, the Beautiful Village Design of Dongtai Village in Lincheng County. Over the past years, the School has undertaken 236 projects from society.

At present, it has become a high-level school with first-rate teaching, distinctive features and good reputation in Hebei Province.

Environment Design (Bachelor)

In 2013, the major was selected by the program named “Comprehensive and Pilot Reform of Majors” and became one of the key disciplines in Hebei Province. Currently, it is guided by the “combination of work and study”, based on the teaching pattern of “working studio”, and devoted to cultivate students’ practical and innovative capabilities.

The major aims to cultivate environment designers with artist’s quality. It asks students to become highly-skilled and compound talents with the techniques of planning, designing, charting, building, budgeting etc.

The graduates are able to work in environment design companies and institutes, shouldering the responsibility of planning, designing, building and administrating.

Art History (Bachelor)

The major aims to cultivate high-level and practical talents with the systemic theory of “History of Chinese and Foreign Arts” and “History of Chinese and Foreign Arts Design” (including “History of Chinese Arts and Crafts”), who can undertake design in practice and research in theory.

Environmental Arts Design (Associate Degree)

The major deals with environmental space artistically, making the environmental space satisfy people’s functional and aesthetic needs, and producing perfect, fashionable and comfortable life space.

Oriented to jobs in environmental arts sector, the major is designed to cultivate professional talents with excellent career quality, design capability, a taste of art as well as interior and exterior arts design theory and skills, who are qualified to occupations, such as interior design, landscape design and budget management.

Interior Design (Associate Degree)

The major, one direction of Environmental Arts Design, mainly cultivate interior design and construction management talents. With the development of decoration industry, it requires interior design talents to give design proposals according to different functions of indoor environments. The graduates are able to do jobs, such as interior design, decoration design, graphic design, construction management, in companies like interior design, project management, furniture making, as well as decoration design corporations, and in professional design institutions.





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