The School of Plastic Arts

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The School provides painting and fine arts for undergraduate students and fine arts (the direction of painting) for junior college students. A team of high-quality teachers with the experienced, middle-aged and young has taken shape, among whom there are 8 professors, 4 associate professors, 4 lecturers, 3 doctors, and 2 foreign teachers. In terms of facilities, there are 4 rooms to copy paintings, 3 binding training rooms, 1 painting material experiment room, 14 classrooms with skylights, 1 multifunctional academic hall that can accommodate over 400 people, and 1 modern exhibition hall, which covers more than 1,500 square meters and can be used to hold different scales and forms of academic symposiums and art exhibitions. Meanwhile, there are more than 50,000 books, journals, exquisite painting albums, and monographs in total. Also, several art research institutions have been established, such as “China Modern Painting Research Institute”, “Research Center of Chen Zifen’s Paintings with Line Drawing”, “Research Institute of Folk Arts”, “The Restoration Research Center of Mounted Calligraphy and Paintings”. From an overall perspective, the School is equipped with reasonable student-teacher ratio, favorable teaching facilities, and orderly rules and regulations, which guarantee the expansion of the School, the deepening reform of teaching and scientific research, and the movement to make HBAFA a leading education base of arts in the country materially and institutionally.

Painting (Chinese and Oil Paintings) (Bachelor)

It aims to generate high-level and professional talents with basic skills and theoretical knowledge of painting arts, who are able to undertake teaching, production, research, publishing and management in relevant units.

The graduates are able to pursue their study, be engaged in painting production, art editing, relics and museum administration in cultural and art sectors, as well as education, design, research, publishing and management units, or undertake art teaching in elementary and secondary schools.

Fine Arts (Bachelor)

It is designed to cultivate talents with basic theories, knowledge and skills of fine arts, who are able to appreciate arts, think and argue logically, analyze and study comprehensively, and express clearly. Meanwhile, the students are supposed to learn and care about the theoretical directions and cutting-edge subjects of fine arts, master the basic methods of data inquiry and information retrieval, and be qualified to do theoretical research and some real work of fine arts.

Fine Arts (Painting) (Associate Degree)

It aims to produce high-quality, practical and professional talents with theoretical knowledge and production capability of painting as well as artistic thinking and literary theory attainments, who are able to meet the needs of social development, and undertake painting creation, education, research, publishing, and administration in relevant units.




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