The School of International Education

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Based on Sino-foreign cooperation in education, the School, a subordinate teaching unit, was established for Chinese-foreign collaboration as well as international students education and administration.

Adhering to the motto of HBAFA—“be confident, be independent, and be first”, the School, implementing openness, is to cultivate more high-level artistic talents with international vision, innovative awareness, foreign languages proficiency and comprehensive abilities so as to stimulate the advance of international education and communication, and contribute to the construction of economy and culture.

The School is mainly responsible for international communication and cooperation as well as teaching in HBAFA. It not only provides students with distinctive resources and teachers in China and beyond, but also promotes communication in education and culture between China and other countries, which benefits teaching and research in the meantime.

Currently, there are some international cooperation programs, which are straight entrance programs from junior college students to undergraduates between China and Korea, from undergraduates to graduates between China and Korea, from junior college students, undergraduates to graduates between China and UK, and from undergraduates to graduates between China and Italy. The School will seek more partners to cooperate in international education in line with the development of the School.

In order to improve students’ competitiveness in job market, expand employment channels and meet students’ demand for further study, the School provides many options, which students can select based on their personal situations.

Undergraduate Entrance Examination

It is for the junior college students to take in the graduation year. The would-be undergraduates will spend two years in acquiring a full-time undergraduate diploma from general higher institutions, and a bachelor’s degree if eligible.

National College Entrance Examination for Adults

After acquiring a diploma from a junior college, the students are able to take the national college entrance examination for adults. The students will spend three years in acquiring a higher education diploma for adults, and a bachelor’s degree if eligible.

Self-study Examination

Approved by the Hebei Higher Education Self-study Exam Committee, it is for the undergraduates at school and junior college students, who are willing to study the major of arts design. The would-be graduates will get a graduation certificate and a bachelor’s degree if eligible, which are authorized by the Committee.

National Postgraduate Entrance Examination

It allows those to take, who are nation acknowledged undergraduates, or graduated from junior colleges after two years at least. The would-be postgraduates will spend three years in acquiring a diploma and master’s degree if eligible. In recent years, 15% students in HBAFA select to further their study in a graduate school.




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