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“How to Give a Good Party Lecture?”—A Thematic Training Course was Held in HBAFA

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On the afternoon of November 17, the Party Committee of HBAFA invited Professor Meng Qingyun, the Director of Party Construction Teaching and Research Department of Hebei Provincial Party School, to give a thematic training course, named “How to Give a Good Party Lecture?” The course was attended by Wang Zhimin, the Deputy Party Secretary and Vice President, Zhen Xinheng, the Secretary of Discipline Inspection Committee and Vice President, Sun Zhiqiang, a Party committee member and Vice President, and other Party committee members. It was hosted by Guo Shan, the Direcor of Party Affairs in HBAFA.

The Thematic Training Course

In the course, Professor Meng Qingyun elaborated on the reason, basic functions, content, methods and some problems of Party class. He explained profound theories in simple terms and removed the leaders’ doubts. His class provided theories and methodologies for us.

Professor Meng Qingyun

Meanwhile, Professor Meng Qingyun outlined the major points and advices of learning the spirit of the 19th National Congress of CPC, and paved the way for us to understand and spread the spirit. He emphasized that we should seize the main line of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics in the new era while learning the spirit. In addition, we should deeply understand CPC’s mission and initial determination to make people happy and revive Chinese nation as well as CPC’s resolution and feelings to create a community with common destiny and a beautiful world.




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