Exhibitions and Competitions

Academy Award—The 16th Academy Award … +

1. IntroductionThe “Academy Award”, known as “Academy Award of Advertising Arts Festival for Chinese College Students” and hosted by China Advertising Association, is a core program in the Advertising Arts Festival for Chinese College Students. It mainly encourages students to compete in designing assigned advertisements for famous…

2018 Asia Students Package Design Comp… +

1. Introduction“Asia Students Package Design Competition” is an event for students majoring in package design at school in Asia to communicate and compete with each other, which was lauched by Japan International Communication Fund Association and hosted by Japan ASPaC Affairs Bureau. From 2010 to 2017, it has been successfully held …

“Mengwa” Essay and Image Competition… +

1. ThemeThe competition aims to enhance the culture connotation of “Mengwa” and give her new life in the new era by the method of re-writing her story and re-designing her image. Taking “Mengwa” as the protagonist, the story and image should accord with the core values of socialism as well as the spiritual connotation of “China Dre…

The Sixth College Students Entrepreneu… +

1. IntroductionIn order to implement the spirit of the documents issued by the Nanjing goverment, and attract projects as well as young talents, the office responsible for college students entrepreneurship in Nanjing decided to launch the sixth college students entrepreneurship competition, also known as “Internet+” technology entrep…

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